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Cannabis Jobs in Los Angeles

Cannabis Jobs in Los Angeles Los Angeles is by far the largest city in California with over 4,000,000 inhabitants and they were one of the first cities to jump on the cannabis bandwagon when medical marijuana was first allowed ...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/19/2018

San Diego Cannabis Jobs

San Diego Cannabis Jobs If you live in the San Diego area, you are probably familiar with the growing number of cannabis dispensaries and collectives. You are probably getting used to seeing cannabis delivery vehicles driving a...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/18/2018

Sacramento: The Indomitable City

Sacramento: The Indomitable City What qualities make Sacramento “The Indomitable City”? Is it because they have a week dedicated to beer? Maybe because they have one of the top philharmonic orchestra's in the co...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/17/2018

Cannabis Jobs in Humboldt County

Cannabis Jobs in Humboldt County No other place in California resembles Humboldt County, with its clean air, moderate temperatures and higher than average rainfall. The rainfall in this area is what makes Humboldt County prime ...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/16/2018

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 3)

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 3) Where the Rain is at, so are the Jobs             All plants need water to grow and cannabis is no diff...

Posted by Anonymous on 01/15/2018

San Jose Cannabis Jobs; Marijuana Dispensary Jobs are Welcomed

As of January 1, 2018, the City of San José permitted existing Registered Medical Marijuana Collectives to offer or give recreational marijuana to those age 21 and older in the event that they acquire a state permit to do a...

Posted by Hassan on 01/14/2018
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