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Washington Cannabis jobs

Are you searching for marijuana jobs in Washington where it is lawful? Washington state has probably the most beautiful natural landscapes and urban horizons in the United States. The Evergreen State is a play area for admirers of...

Posted by Hassan on 03/02/2018

Hayward Cannabis Jobs & Opportunities

Fifty-six percent of Hayward voters supported Proposition 64, which allows adults age 21 or older to possess, use, sell, transport, process and cultivate marijuana. Six council members — Halliday, Salinas, Al&...

Posted by Hassan on 03/01/2018

Concord Cannabis Jobs & Opportunities

On November 8, 2016, California voters approved Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate, & Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (“AUMA”), which legalized adult (recreational) marijuana use.    Effective Nov...

Posted by Hassan on 03/01/2018

A Product Management Challenge

  Imagine how hard it must be for a product manager who works for one of the new firms that has just popped up to start selling marijuana legally! In the United States, a handful of states now allow marijuana to be sol...

Posted by Angela on 03/01/2018

Cannabis Jobs in Utah

For the individuals who live in the province of Utah should be satisfied to hear that there are cannabis employments being opened on an ongoing basis. The authorization of weed has helped the development of the cannabis business. ...

Posted by Hassan on 03/01/2018

New Jersey Rules now in Favor of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis in the workplace just got trickier under the conservative Federal law, employers have the right to terminate an employee if they discover that the person uses cannabis, whether illegally or legally through state medical a...

Posted by Angela on 02/26/2018
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