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Cannabis Jobs in Los Angeles

Cannabis Jobs in Los Angeles Los Angeles is by far the largest city in California with over 4,000,000 inhabitants and they were one of the first cities to jump on the cannabis bandwagon when medical marijuana was first allowed back in 1996. But since the recreational marijuana law took effect on January 1st of this year, they are a bit slow to start with the introduction. Part of the problem is getting new rules and guidelines in place, such as placement limits or “buffer zones” set around locations that children are known to frequent such as schools and libraries. Other things that make it difficult is how to enforce the new rules and the costs that go with enforcing them. But rest assured that just because they are taking their time does not mean that shops that are pre-ICO won't have first dibs at getting their recreational use permits ...

Posted on 01/19/2018

San Diego Cannabis Jobs

San Diego Cannabis Jobs If you live in the San Diego area, you are probably familiar with the growing number of cannabis dispensaries and collectives. You are probably getting used to seeing cannabis delivery vehicles driving around as well. The cannabis business is flourishing in the San Diego region and if you are in need of a job that gives you plenty of growth potential, you may want to consider all the options that are increasingly becoming available in this area. Many cannabusinesses are opening up shop and looking for entry-level workers who are willing to learn and grow, as well as more experienced workers with degrees that want to continue to progress up the corporate ladder. Just because a job is entry-level doesn't mean any idiot off the street is qualified to do it. When applying for an entry-level job, read the requirements carefully. If there is a ...

Posted on 01/18/2018

Sacramento: The Indomitable City

Sacramento: The Indomitable City What qualities make Sacramento “The Indomitable City”? Is it because they have a week dedicated to beer? Maybe because they have one of the top philharmonic orchestra's in the country? How about because it is the state capital of California? Maybe due to its title of “America's Most Diverse City”1? Well, Sacramento is diverse in many ways, from the LGBTQ community, to the number of different nationalities that live in this large city, to the number and variety of available cannabis jobs. Sacramento is one of the few towns in California that cannabis is allowed both medicinally and recreationally due to the acceptance of the state-passed bill, but it also allows the growth of cannabis as well, which is why marijuana-related jobs are on the rise in the capital city. From planting the seed in dirt, (or growing hydroponically), all ...

Posted on 01/17/2018

Cannabis Jobs in Humboldt County

Cannabis Jobs in Humboldt County No other place in California resembles Humboldt County, with its clean air, moderate temperatures and higher than average rainfall. The rainfall in this area is what makes Humboldt County prime farming territory for up-and-coming cannabis cultivators who are seeking a “sanctuary” away from government-controlled irrigation lands in other areas of California. Other factors that make Humboldt County so cannabusiness-friendly are the somewhat lax regulations concerning the growth, distribution and transport of marijuana. “The county also allows for marijuana distribution, manufacturing, testing, dispensary and transport businesses.”1 Because Humboldt County allows all aspects of the cannabis business platform, from seed to sale, the job industry has seen an increase in available lines of work. Starting with the seeds, people who have knowledge about soil health and how to clone and transplant plants are in high demand. From there, workers who understand the importance ...

Posted on 01/16/2018

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 3)

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 3) Where the Rain is at, so are the Jobs             All plants need water to grow and cannabis is no different. It is a very hearty plant that loves its liquid fuel. But most of California doesn’t get much rainfall and most prime farming land is in federally-irrigated areas which leaves out the option of cannabis cultivation because the federal government still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. And other areas of California that might be considered are experiencing water shortages, ground water is drying up and there are severe restrictions on the use of well water. So, what does that leave a cannabis agriculturalist to do? Go where there is a lot natural rainfall, of course.             Naturally, rain ...

Posted on 01/15/2018

San Jose Cannabis Jobs; Marijuana Dispensary Jobs are Welcomed

As of January 1, 2018, the City of San José permitted existing Registered Medical Marijuana Collectives to offer or give recreational marijuana to those age 21 and older in the event that they acquire a state permit to do as such.   Existing Registered Collectives would likewise be permitted to cultivate, process, manufacture, and distribute recreational marijuana to other state-authorized cannabis organizations (with a state permit). In the event that affirmed for conveyance, Registered Collectives may likewise to convey non-therapeutic cannabis to grown-ups 21 and more seasoned. There are 16 Registered Collectives in San José. Any administrators not on this rundown are damaging nearby and state law.   San Jose's 16 authorized pot shops can offer recreational marijuana to anybody beyond 21 years old beginning in the New Year. The choice came Tuesday by a consistent vote of the City Council, which chose to respect the will of the voters who affirmed statewide legitimization ...

Posted on 01/14/2018

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 2)

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 2) Commercial Cultivation-Know Your Employees             Cannabis business owners are finding that the employees they are hiring are not the “experts” they are claiming to be. Unfortunately, these so-called experts are usually just your run-of-the-mill “garage growers” or your hardcore “stoner-literature” addicts who have had no more training than reading some information that is rumored to be a marijuana “manual” or “bible”. Though growing in your garage or basement is, technically, real-life experience, it does not prepare one for running an industrial-sized cannabis growing facility.             Cannabis cultivation calls for hands-on experience in commercial agriculture and a good base knowledge of farm management and commercial practices, as well as a firm grasp of ...

Posted on 01/14/2018

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 1)

Cannabis Employment Options are Blossoming in California (Part 1) ChronicJobs.com-Taking Down the Barricades Between Employers and Employees             The largest cities in California, including San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco, are profiting the most from the new recreational cannabis laws put into place on January 1st of this year. These cities, and a few others, see the benefits of allowing recreational use of this non-violent drug and are taking advantage. More cities will be joining in as city and county laws incorporate the new state law and more permits are authorized and allowed clearance. Of course, some cities will continue to ban recreational use but allow medicinal use, and some will allow you to grow recreationally for personal use, but they will not permit recreational dispensaries, and still others will hold off on either medicinal or recreational dispensaries opening, however, ...

Posted on 01/14/2018

Lucky For Kentucky! Marijuana Jobs Is on Its Way & Opportunities Ahead.

2018, states from the rust belt to the Rockies have decided to pick whether to join the eight which have just legalized it recreationally. In Kentucky, the push for medicinal marijuana is currently becoming stronger. Recently, one of Kentucky's most popular advocates for legalization has been its Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. She made a taskforce for handling legalization in the fall and its latest gathering on December 19th included promoters and veterans who have seen direct the medical impacts of marijuana. “2018 is and must be the year when Kentucky finally steps up on medical marijuana,” Grimes said in a statement.” We have to get this done to help Kentuckians who are hurting.”   State Rep. John Sims, who will co-chair the team close by Grimes, thinks Kentucky is behind the eight states in terms of medical marijuana, yet it's not very late for ...

Posted on 01/13/2018

Cannabis Jobs in New Jersey

Cannabis action is charging ahead. With Republican Gov. Chris Christie on his way out, it appears to be legalized marijuana is headed in the Garden State New Jersey. Democratic Government elected Phil Murphy, a previous Goldman Sachs official, has promised to sign legalization into law that would take into account the ownership and sale of recreational marijuana. Pioneers of the Democratic-controlled Legislature said a bill could be passed by late-winter. Murphy has said legalized marijuana could get an expected $300 million in assess income. “Legalize marijuana so police can focus resources on violent crimes,” Murphy says on his campaign website.   The bill would allow those 21 and older to have up to 1 ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana implanted items in solids, 72 ounces in fluid shape and 7 grams of think. It would restrict home cultivation. The legalization would set up a Division of Marijuana Enforcement, accused of controlling the ...

Posted on 01/11/2018
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