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Santa Barbara Cannabis Jobs & Career Opportunities

Cannabis operators from as far away as Richland, Michigan, are looking to set up shop in downtown Santa Barbara. As California rolls out a legal cannabis market, some Southern California jurisdictions have been slow to establish permitting processes, which could be propelling prospective operators to Santa Barbara. Up to three retail shops will be permitted within city limits. Other businesses such as wholesale manufacturing and delivery services are also eligible to receive licenses in the city. Applications here are due March 30. They cost $5,600.    Voters on Nov. 8 approved Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, 56.5 percent to 43.5 percent, according to the Secretary of State’s Office. The law went into effect the next day. People age 21 and older can use the substance in private homes and at businesses licensed for on-site marijuana use. Individuals can grow up to six plants in their residences ...

Posted on 03/12/2018

Cannabis Jobs & career Opportunities in Vermont

Vermont is officially the ninth state to legalize marijuana, and the first to end cannabis prohibition through an act of lawmakers. Vermont’s senate passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana use in January, which would make the state the first in the nation to do so through the legislative process rather than a ballot initiative.     Under the legislation's provisions, people over 21 years of age will be allowed to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow as many as two mature and four immature cannabis plants. Commercial marijuana sales will not be allowed under the new law, which is set to take effect on July 1.   

Posted on 03/12/2018

Cannabis Job & Career Opportunities in Eureka

Sales of recreational marijuana began on January 1, 2018, after Californians voted to legalize the drug in the 2016 election. The market's debut brings an end to prohibition in the most populous state, which is now also the biggest legal marijuana market in America. Adults over the age of 21 can now use, carry, and buy up to an ounce of marijuana for non-medical use, and grow as many as six plants at home, without a doctor's letter.    The state Bureau of Cannabis Control has awarded retail licenses to over 100 dispensaries from Eureka to Oakland to San Diego. (There are more than 1,300 dispensaries statewide.)    There are enough new cannabis jobs to employ any interested job candidate across the country but finding a viable position in the cannabusiness is easier said than done. When searching for the best cities to ...

Posted on 03/10/2018

Sacramento Cannabis Jobs

California has reliably been the epicenter of cannabis cultivation in the United States all through history; it was just as of late, however that recreational cannabis sanctioning was passed into law. In the state's capital, people are hoping recreational legitimization will add to a job.   On November 21, 2016, Sacramento City Council, voted 5-3 to pass a law that favors and directs cannabis cultivation in Sacramento city limits. The changed Planning and Development Code, Title 17, permits cultivation in indicated modern, horticultural, and commercial zones. As per the new law, the structures that house cultivations can be up to 22,000 square feet, which is generally the extent of four and a half NBA B-ball courts. With the statute, Sacramento turns into the biggest city in California to affirm substantial scale cultivation. Potential cultivators should apply for an allow through the city so as to cultivate. The quantity of licenses the city will ...

Posted on 03/10/2018

Colorado Cannabis jobs

The amount of jobs that the medical cannabis industry has opened up for many people is skyrocketing in Colorado. The legal cannabis industry in Colorado made in excess of 10,000 FULL-TIME occupations, and in addition, produced $2.4 billion in financial movement.     In Colorado, 155,142 people work in development, 219,659 in education and 23,541 in mining, as per the 2016 tallies kept by the state Department of Labor and Employment. But CDLE's monetary examiners don't include what number of individuals work the cannabis business. Bill Thoennes, CDLE spokesperson says, “here’s the problem: Since legalization first of medical, then recreational, the federal government never considered it to be an actual industry.” However, the required survey is underway now to shed more light on this growing industry. In spite of government restrictions, CDLE has attempted to illustrate work in cannabis by cross-referencing its own particular unemployment protection information with the ...

Posted on 03/09/2018

Santa Cruz Cannabis & Jobs

On January 1 2018, under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, unincorporated Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz City dispensaries opened their doors to customers age 21 and over. Local government, cannabis industry, public health and youth prevention experts have worked together diligently on local regulations for medical and adult use. You must be 21 to purchase or consume non-medical cannabis. You will be required to present ID, similar to alcohol and tobacco sales. Adults 21 and older may legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis.        From cultivators to processors and retailers, there is plenty of work to go around in the marijuana industry. To get an idea, take a look at these jobs that cannabis businesses will be hiring for in the near future.    Trimmer  Trimmers are responsible for trimming away all the small leaves away from ...

Posted on 03/08/2018

Missouri Marijuana Jobs & Opportunities

The Missouri Cannabis Legalization Initiative may appear on the ballot in Missouri as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 6, 2018. The measure would legalize marijuana for recreational use for persons 18 years of age or older. The measure would also immediately release prisoners who were convicted of nonviolent marijuana-only offenses.    Although the Department of Justice under Presidents Trump (R) and Obama (D) has not prosecuted most individuals and businesses following state and local marijuana laws as of January 2018, both medical and recreational marijuana are illegal under federal law. On January 4, 2018, however, Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, a 2013 directive that deprioritized the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states where marijuana had been legalized. This allows federal prosecutors to decide whether or not to enforce federal law regarding marijuana.   

Posted on 03/06/2018

Pros of Pennsylvania statewide marijuana Legalization

  It is no news that some states legalized marijuana usage and they are really enjoying its benefits. Pennsylvania must not be excluded, they need only to look at other states who have legalized to see the benefits that they too can reap. By October of 2016, Colorado had already topped $1 billion in marijuana sales for the year. Translating that to revenues for the state, Colorado brought in $150 million in taxes from recreational marijuana sales. $50 million of that is reinvested right back into the state’s school system.   The story in Washington was similar. Between legalizing recreational marijuana in 2014 and 2015, the state sold more than $1 billion in non-medical marijuana. This generated $250 million in excise tax revenues. By legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, both states saw a decrease in arrests for the possession and cultivation of the drug, leading to fewer revenues spent housing and feeding inmates arrested for ...

Posted on 03/03/2018

Ohio Marijuana Cultivation Law

  Do you know that there is no risk of jail time for growing small of amounts of marijuana in Ohio? Though it may not be legal to smoke weed publicly.  Thanks to decriminalization laws and medical marijuana - possession of less than 100 grams is only a misdemeanor with a $150 fine. Even more, this goes for growing too. Cultivation is considered the same as possession. What this law means is, you could grow a very small amount of marijuana in Ohio and only face a small fine. It doesn’t even go on your record.   Ohio has decriminalized marijuana, and it has very recently legalized a medical marijuana program. Because it is so recent, dispensaries are not yet up and running, so those who are looking to medicate should consider growing their own. Without operational dispensaries in Ohio, finding reliable strains of medicinal herb may be difficult ...

Posted on 03/02/2018

Washington Cannabis jobs

Are you searching for marijuana jobs in Washington where it is lawful? Washington state has probably the most beautiful natural landscapes and urban horizons in the United States. The Evergreen State is a play area for admirers of the outside: mild rainforests offer an approach to emotional coastlines; mount rainier weavers over the skyline. Now here, the cannabis business is asserting some authority statewide with Washington Cannabis jobs.         At present, Washington has two legal cannabis markets; recreational and medical. The medicinal market in Washington State is gradually eliminating and the recreational market is really extending right now. The state sets the quantity of retail cannabis business licenses issued, that number has as of late expanded from 334 retail dispensaries to 556 over the state.     Washington weed occupations run the extent, as the business opens up circumstances in for all intents and purposes each activity segment that ...

Posted on 03/02/2018
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