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Irvine Cannabis Jobs & Career

Posted by Hasan on 02/25/2018


Since Nov. 9, 2016, anyone 21 and older in California has been allowed to carry or give away up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six cannabis plants per home. But cities are allowed to say no to any or all types of marijuana businesses and to “reasonably regulate” how residents grow cannabis. 


State licenses for marijuana businesses and recreational sales of cannabis kicked in for the first time Jan. 1. But before any business can get a state license, they must first show that they have permission from their local government. 


Though cities are still working on some rules, a slight majority have banned outdoor marijuana gardens, while dozens more require residents to get home-grow permits, according to a new database of marijuana ordinances compiled by Southern California News Group and Bay Area News Group. 



Irvine Cannabis 


While the new recreational industry will bring more jobs, demand for those openings at dispensaries, production facilities and testing labs is extremely high.  many medical marijuana facilities in the valley provide internal training, Nevada Dispensary Association director Riana Durrett said most marijuana training programs are available online and are not exclusive to employers. 





Cultivation facility 


• Lead grower: Manages all tasks and employees in the grow house. $70,000-$90,000 annually 

• Junior grower: Works under lead grower in planting, cloning and nourishing marijuana plants. $12-$18 per hour, $25,000-$37,500 annually 

• Trimmer: In charge of hand-trimming plants as well as operating trimming machines. $12-$18 per hour, $25,000-$37,500 annually 

• Inventory manager: $14-$16 per hour, about $31,500 annually 


Production facility 


• General manager: $19-$28 per hour, $40,000-$60,000 annually 

• Sales: $14-$19 per hour, $30,000-$40,000 annually 

• Refining/ extraction technician: Operates machinery to extract oils from marijuana plants. $19-$25 per hour, $40,000-$50,000 annually 

• Packaging: $12-$16 per hour, about $25,000 annually 

• Delivery: Transports products to dispensaries. $14-$16 per hour, about $31,000 annually 


• General manager: $45,000-$60,000 annually 

• Assistant manager: $18-$22 per hour, about $42,000 annually 

• Receptionist/greeter: $12-$16 per hour, about $29,000 annually 

• Patient adviser. Educates patients on products to determine what’s right for them. $14-$18 per hour, about $33,000 annually 

• Vault manager: Rolls joints, stocks and replaces inventory and handles deliveries. $14-$20 per hour, about $30,000-$42,000 annually 

• Cashier/ “budtender”: Handles products and rings up purchases; may also be in charge of restocking inventory. $14-$18 per hour, about $33,000 annually 


While some of us may be getting restless with the limited number of direct marijuana jobs in our state and neighborhood, online marijuana jobs are beginning to assert themselves at the forefront of the industry. 


Largely, online marijuana jobs facilitate freelance marijuana jobs and an ability to work from home or from the independent contractor’s locale of choice. The beauty of the internet is that it allows for constant and immediate communication between business partners and associates. 



Web Developer 


At present, internet start-ups have been emerging, catering to nearly any industry that can benefit from websites and apps to increase business sales and ease the consumer experience. If you have a love of coding and a keen knowledge of cannabis and the industry’s hurdles, this is the online marijuana job for you. 


Cannabis Critic 


Cannabis criticism jobs are one of those online marijuana jobs that doesn’t require much more than a working computer and the ability to word process–and obtain cannabis, of course. Professionally compensated cannabis critic jobs are admittedly few and far between, but more positions are opening up as both niche and general publications seek to add cannabis critics to their list of contributors. 

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