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Ohio Marijuana Cultivation Law

Posted by Angela on 03/02/2018


Do you know that there is no risk of jail time for growing small of amounts of marijuana in Ohio? Though it may not be legal to smoke weed publicly.  Thanks to decriminalization laws and medical marijuana - possession of less than 100 grams is only a misdemeanor with a $150 fine. Even more, this goes for growing too. Cultivation is considered the same as possession. What this law means is, you could grow a very small amount of marijuana in Ohio and only face a small fine. It doesn’t even go on your record.


Ohio has decriminalized marijuana, and it has very recently legalized a medical marijuana program. Because it is so recent, dispensaries are not yet up and running, so those who are looking to medicate should consider growing their own. Without operational dispensaries in Ohio, finding reliable strains of medicinal herb may be difficult for Ohio patients. At the moment, weed sellers are forced to traffic marijuana from other places or risk growing large very risky grows.


Additionally, medical marijuana patients are better able to manage their results when they choose their own strains and control the grow environment. Marijuana comes in many varieties, and not every strain will have the same effect.  Purchasing high –quality medical marijuana seeds that you prefer and maintaining an all-natural grow room is the best way to get optimal therapy from your marijuana.


Once the medical marijuana program is fully operational, the following conditions will qualify patients for it: AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, cancer, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic and severe or intractable pain, etc.


Weed Growing in Ohio


Weed growing in Ohio is safest when done in small amounts. This means, you need to focus on growing the best plants possible. The Marijuana grooming guide can be obtained for some great tips on how to get the best yield from your plants- whether they are medicinal or not. It also has great advice on how to grow discretely and easily. Combine this with high-quality seeds and plant care products, and you’ll get high quality without a lot of plants.


They may not have legalized it, but weed growing in Ohio is a fairly safe practice that has great rewards. With the right preparation, it is easy, affordable and productive. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your home.


Ohio fines for violating marijuana possesion law


Weed growing in Ohio is not just optimal for the patient. Anyone who enjoys getting high every once in a while can benefit from the state’s decriminalized weed policy. With a 100 gram limit, anyone can grow a decent amount of weed without worrying about getting arrested.  By purchasing a few high yielding plants, the Ohio home weed grower, will have enough to share. Speaking of sharing, if you’d like to share some of your harvest, but most people are concerned about being called a drug dealer, don’t be- the occasional weed share in Ohio is also decriminalized. A gift of 20 grams or less is a misdemeanor and fine of $150 if caught. So, remember, keep it small and keep it free.

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