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Research on Medical Cannabis

Posted by Ilo on 01/08/2018

Medical sciences have come a long way ever since the dawn of age of men. The improvement in the medical science have been a result of the increase in medical conditions that humans face and it is a bitter fact. Among these medical conditions and their treatments medical cannabis or marijuana plays a very important role in treatment and suppressing the symptoms of certain treatments that may cause discomfort to patients. It is used in nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. It can also help in improving appetite in HIV patients and reduce pains.

Let us look at some of the research on cannabis in detail



Cannabis has long thought of being good for people suffering from cancer. People who go through chemotherapy can benefit from cannabis for extreme nausea that they might suffer from during the course of their chemo. There have been evidence in certain laboratory experiments that suggest that cannabinoids have anti-cancer effect. The evidence is not enough and there is not much research into cannabinoids use for treating people with cancer. In UK there is an ongoing research that claims that the cannabinoids can cure cancer but there is not enough evidence that can prove this claim.

Others laboratory experiments have proved that cannabinoids have anti-carcinogenic antitumor effects with a potential of suppressing breast and lung cancer cells. Currently there has been no clinical trials, which support these statements and prove that it is a potential way to treat people with cancer. There is evidence that suggests that cannabis use can increase the risk of a specific type of testicular cancer.



Alzheimer’s disease is one of the worst medical conditions that a person can suffer from. There is research being done on the use of cannabis for lessening the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. There is still no clinical evidence that can prove this theory.



USA has many regulations related to cannabis use and research. The most common hurdle while conducting a research is to get an approval from FDA and a license from DEA, which is specific to schedule 1 drugs. These regulations on research are important because the safety of cannabis use and its research has not been evaluated yet.



Cannabis has been long thought of curing glaucoma. There is evidence that shows that cannabis can help lower intraocular pressure but the use of cannabis is considered to have potential risks. The research level is not high right now due to therapeutic effects of cannabinoids on the eyes.

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