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Santa Cruz Cannabis & Jobs

Posted by Hassan on 03/08/2018

On January 1 2018, under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, unincorporated Santa Cruz County and Santa Cruz City dispensaries opened their doors to customers age 21 and over. Local government, cannabis industry, public health and youth prevention experts have worked together diligently on local regulations for medical and adult use. You must be 21 to purchase or consume non-medical cannabis. You will be required to present ID, similar to alcohol and tobacco sales. Adults 21 and older may legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis. 




From cultivators to processors and retailers, there is plenty of work to go around in the marijuana industry. To get an idea, take a look at these jobs that cannabis businesses will be hiring for in the near future. 



Trimmers are responsible for trimming away all the small leaves away from the bud; and it’s a really important job because consumers’ purchasing decisions are swayed by the appearance of the bud. Trimmers are generally paid by the weight of the finished products, which is approximately $15 per ounce. 


Cannabis Cultivator 

But being a professional grower is a lot of responsibility. They need to know everything about nutrient requirements, mediums, light sources, temperature control, air flow; plant diseases, insects and fungi, and plant treatment; and marijuana genetics and breeding. 


Clone Manager 

Alaska has some fine cannabis genetic breeders, and a lot of these breeders need help managing production of their mother plants and clones. Clones managers are responsible cutting and labeling clones, maintaining inventory tracking, organization, and cleanliness – so it’s an involved position. For people interested in this kind of job, expect to be paid a minimum base salary with favorable sales and marketing incentives. 


Edible Baker 

Marijuana product manufacturers are going to be busy, and will need help making products. People interested in this role need to have their food safety permit in addition to their marijuana handler’s permit. A beginner cook can earn $15 per hour while a more experienced chef can earn closer to $30 per hour. 


Extraction Technician 

Extraction Technicians really are specialists in the marijuana industry. Concentrates are the new new thing, and people who know how to produce the best concentrates are going to be in high demand. Extraction technicians can expect to start at $25 per hour, while more experienced techs can earn as much as $50 per hour. 



Arguably the most important job in the industry, the budtender acts as a sales person, credible resource, and gate-keeper of all cannabis products. Budtenders need to be well versed in the types of marijuana products for sale, methods of ingestion, and how to ring up customers in compliance with state rules and regulations. People wanting to work in this position can expect to earn $15 an hour to begin. 



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